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I can't run any script editor

D_cD_c Member

Lately I got myself into c# by watching brackey's c# course on youtube, I was struggling first to install xamarin studio(mono) because I coudl'nt run visual studio, so I installed an older version, visual studio 2010, it worked, and now I want to start unity, but my script editor won't work with unity, I tried many other IDE's and text editors, but no result, I can't seem to find any IDE that works for me and unity, can you help me?

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    You can use Atom editor .i personally use it and it works fine.

  • Abhijay_SinghAbhijay_Singh Member
    Accepted Answer

    If you are not comfortable in atom editor then believe me I use notepad ++ to write my c# codes for unity. It works pretty well because it can be used on any pc, not too much hanging (if you use a low end pc like myself) and it won't give any error. And yes if you think that how will we compile and read the code as it happens in other softwares. Well if you use notepad ++ then unity will act as both a compiler and a reader for your code, you just need to type and save it.


  • D_cD_c Member
    edited June 2020

    Well, an error popped up whenever I try to open the setup, but I got sublime text to work, however I typed the Debug.Log("Hello World"); but nothing was written in the console, even though there was no errors. Other than that, the other functions work just fine 👍️

  • D_cD_c Member

    That is a possible solution, for me, I used to work with sublime text, but for now, I got vscode to work as a script editor not a debugger, since I have a 32 bit OS, I can't code c # in it, but it seems like you can use it as a text editor and let unity run the code, if you want to try it, the platform is really good, and it's supported by low end pc's. Although thanks for the answer. 👍️

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