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I have problem with audio latency

I am making a music playing game and when i press "1" on the keyboard drum sound plays but there is latency between pressing the key and the playing of sound. Can it be fixed please help.


  • ZicrusZicrus Member

    Maybe there is a short time of silence in the beginning of the audio file?

    Try using Debug.Log in the same place as you play the audio in code and see, if that also has a delay. If not, I'm guessing it is what I said above.

    To fix that, just cut away a tiny bit of the beginning of the audio clip.

  • Thanks Zicrus for answering me this fast.

    but theres no silence problem in the beginning of the audio file.

    and the debug.log also has a latency but that's very little( some milliseconds ), the drum's latency is also very little but those few milliseconds messes everything if you're trying to make a nice drumbeat, is there any another solution?

    or is it a limitation of unity engine!?

    should i use any another function instead of void update?

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