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Picking up the items

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a simple 2d rpg game based on the Brackeys RPG tutorial. My game has WSAD movement and mouse to fight. Picking up items I want to do on space. I have been standing picking up items for 3 days. I tried to use colliders2D but it doesn't work.

Scripts such as Inventory, Interactable and ItemPickup are the same as in the tutorial, only one change I made in PlayerController.

I also tried picking like in the tutorial - right click and it also doesn't work.

Any ideas?

PS. i'm really sorry for my english 😂 i'm working on it


  • you should upload a screenshot of what happens when you try to pick up so we can understand the problem more deeply.

    and dont feel same on your english.i also learned english from clash of clans game and marvel movies(i learned nothing from school).

  • edited June 2020

    First, cut down your goal to several smaller goals:

    1. Inventory UI
    2. Inventory system (Scripting)
    3. picking up items

    You can pickup items by checking if the player has reached a certain radius from the item by using Vector3.Distance and if they do, destroy the item add it to your inventory and maybe inform the player about what he picked up.

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