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How do I separate my cameras?

I have a 3d game where I have 1 camera on the main menu screen and another camera as the player's camera. When i press play the cameras just combine and I see what the player sees and the Main Menu. Help! Thank You


  • Make another scene for the mainMenu and separate both parts of game.

  • I did but it still won’t work

  • Try changing the display on the camera settings to a different display. Then you can create a script which will change the display through a button. Also are you using a Ui canvas as the main menu?

  • WarpWarp Member

    As @JIMMY_VASHI04 suggested, you need two different scenes for this.

    1. Create a new scene by going to Project -> Create -> New Scene and create a new one.
    2. Call your scene "mainmenu" and put your main menu objects, and camera in there.
    3. Call the other scene "game" and put your player and player camera in there.
    4. When the player hits play, use the SceneManager to transition between scenes.

    This will solve your problem, but it takes a bit of refactoring.

  • Ok I’ll try this tomorrow and I’ll let you guys know. Thank You!

  • i did what you told me but I’m having trouble with making the script can you help me.

  • The problem is that I have a script in the player camera that locks the cursor and it ends up locking it when I’m in the main menu so i can’t push a button

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