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Velocity on rigidbody keeps going sometimes

What I'm confused about is in the code, in update, I said if (MyTransform.position.x >= -2f) but it keeps going until -1.8 and sometimes it keeps going to -1.25.

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  • ZicrusZicrus Member
    Accepted Answer

    It only checks once every frame, so on the first frame it can be at -2.1 and then on the next it maybe moves 0.5, which puts it at -1.6. Then it checks, and stops moving. To fix this, you need to calculate if it will move too far. if it will, move it to the desired position (-2) and stop the velocity.


  • BarjiBarji Member

    (MyTransform.position.x >= -2f) I think you mean "<=" -1.8 IS greater than -2, as is -1.25

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