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Where do I start in my game?


How do you make a login/ registration system where users can login and then make posts for everyone who has the app to see?


1. I want players to register or login.

2. I then want once they have registered or logged in to go to the main scene with announcements and other stuff.

3. I only want people who are owners to be able to make posts.

4. I want posts to sync across all users.

Final Notes

How would I go about this? I have tried many tutorials and could not find any helpful ones. Please help!

Best Answer

  • WarpWarp Member
    edited May 2020 Accepted Answer

    Noone here is going to be able to give an answer that tells you exactly how to do it, because what you want is ridiculously complex, and time consuming. Regardless, heres basically how you go about that:

    1. Get a web server. Doesn't matter what it is, you just need some place to store this "post" data.
    2. Get some kind of username/password authentication system. Use SSL, and email verification system. Or something similar to that.
    3. When the game is launched, grab the announcements from the webserver. You can use something like WebClient for this.
    4. You can also use WebClient to send requests as far as I know, so use that to make posts.

    How you implement this is up to you. There is no standard way to do this.

    You realistically wont find any "helpful" tutorials to figure out exactly what you want here. There are too many moving parts for there to be a simple tutorial series for something this complex. Even then, you will still probably be susceptible to injections and DDOS.

    Learn about web and game networking, data transfer, SSL, encryption, cyber security, etc. You will need all of those to do this without a team, and have it work professionally, with any chance to scale.

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