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Transparent Grid Overlay?

I'm trying to make a transparent grid overlay for a game i'm making but i don't know where to start, and was wondering if any of you guys could help me out?

It's a 3D rpg game with click movement and I want to create the grid overlay so it can show my players where they can click to move, cause i want them to only be able to move by the grids.

I'm hoping to later code in a limitation on how many grids they can move.

Best Answer

  • ZicrusZicrus Member
    Accepted Answer

    Do you just want a flat grid above the ground, or do you want the grid to be "painted" on the terrain?

    If you just want a flat surface, you can just make a grid texture and put it on a plane or a quad above the terrain.

    If you want it to fit the environment, watch Brackeys' video on decals. Note that you need to be using HDRP for that to work


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