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VR teleport to moving platform / vehicle

What is the best way to do vr teleporting to a moving platform? Should you use some sort of attach script that makes your player game object a child of the platform?

I want to make a boat proof of concept but can't figure out the best way to attach and detach... Also does setting the parent of the player object cause issues with the Dontdestroy on load.. I notice the object no longer exists in that group in the editor when doing an attach .

I don't see very much with VR and moving vehicles or platforms.. don't think it is a motion sickness thing.


  • It is absolutely a motion sickness thing. You should never move the camera without the players input (them doing the moving or telephoning).

    But if you still want to, an AttachTo or Follow script would be the best way. Parenting the player can cause weird distortions if the object they're parented to isn't scaled evenly.

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