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Iridium my game!!

MightyMighty Member
edited June 2020 in Off-topic


Iridium is a game made by me for webgl as well as android, try it!

User feedback is really important to me!

I keep players updated with devlogs and also have a discord if you wanna join there. I hope all of you play its a casual fun game, thanks!

Iridium has gotten a update that makes it tons better play it now!

What highscore can you get??

All thanks goes to Brackeys for his tutorials they are helpful!!

Also can i get some suggestions/feedback on my game and help on ways to promote it


Edit : new version with bug fixes and new levels has been made try it out now! - this contains webgl(browser version) Play Now! - this has windows!

Edit :

Its now on Play Store!!!


  • Very fun game. It would be nice if it displayed your highscore when you die. Something like "You got a score of .."

  • MightyMighty Member

    Alrighty next update will have that

  • MightyMighty Member

    anyone else played it?

  • MightyMighty Member

    looks like noone wanna play it :(

  • I've downloaded it and I'm excited to try it!

  • It's an amazing game but the speed is a little slow, any chance you could change that?

  • MightyMighty Member

    thanks gamerboii

    I have gotten lot of feedback of it being slow paced so i will definitely work on improving that

    Thanks a lot for playing!!

  • Surprisingly addictive!

    I found that on PC at least, controls in the multiplayer mode are a bit messed up.

    Great start, though!

  • MightyMighty Member

    hello frankiecav

    Thanks a lot for playing my game :)

    well whats wrong about multiplayer controls could you tell me!?

  • The movement speed was way to fast, so I would just shoot off the side of the map whenever I touched the key.

  • MightyMighty Member

    you can change the sensitivity in settings!

  • takitotakito Member

    Cool game man!

    I feel speed is needed and maybe increase and decrease speed by pressing forward and back.

  • MightyMighty Member

    Hi takito

    the pacing of the game will be increased! but using keys to increase and decrease speed? i kinda dont understand why?

  • MightyMighty Member

    Hi a new update has been released with much of the bugs being fixed

    check it now!!

  • MightyMighty Member

    will anyone play?

  • MightyMighty Member

    heyy its now on play store!

  • YasinYasin Member

    Its pretty fun, i got to the top down level and i got a blackscreen when i finished it on the web version, did the game end or...?

    also the impossible mode is bugged where the camera rotates to the point it gets upside down if i spam an arrow key, not sure if thats intentional.

  • MightyMighty Member

    yasin ok the top down is last leve ya!

    and impossible mode i will fix the rotation

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