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Third person camera movement for Mobile


I created third person camera using cinemachine but I'm having problem with adding mobile controls in it, I have a vector3 which has value of rotating the camera but I don't know how I can convert that vector to axis to control third person camera..

Thank you !!


  • Hi SahilR!

    I Have An Idea:

    Go Onto The Unity Asset Store; Import The Joystick Pack! Now Go Into Your Player Movement And Type This In! It Is A Variable: public Joystick joystick; Then Replace "Input.GetAxis"/"Input.GetAxisRaw" With joystick.Horizontal And joystick.Vertical! Now Back To Unity!

    Please Find The Folder The Joystick Pack Imported And Open The Prefabs Folder; Then Drag One Of Them Under A Canvas Because They Are UI Elements! Them Go To Your Player And Drag The Joystick GameObject From Your Canvas In The Joystick Slot!

    Hope This Helped! Stay Safe :)

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