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Issues with Level Order Traversal Implementation


I've been engaged in implementing level order traversal in my project and have encountered certain challenges. I referred to the guidance on tree Level Order Traversal Binary Tree. While the content proved helpful, I'm currently encountering specific difficulties in the application of these concepts.

Here are the issues I'm contending with:

1. Incomplete Implementation: The information provided appears to be incomplete, leaving me struggling to comprehend the full implementation steps. Are there additional resources or examples available that could offer further clarity?

2. Error Handling: I'm facing challenges in effectively managing errors during traversal. The blog lacks elaboration on common errors or how to address them. Any insights or examples on error handling would be immensely helpful.

3. Optimizations: While the blog mentions the basic implementation, I'm curious about any optimizations or best practices in level-order traversal. Are there additional techniques or considerations that I should be aware of?

If anyone has experience with level order traversal or can direct me to more comprehensive resources, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Sharing your own challenges and solutions would also be valuable.

Thank you.

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