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Python Code Challenge: Longest Increasing Subsequence

Hey, I came across a great resource online about finding the Longest Increasing Subsequence using Python. I thought it would be fun to create a code challenge based on the concepts from the article. Let's put our skills to the test and see who can come up with the most efficient solution!

Your task is to implement the Longest Increasing Subsequence algorithm in Python and share your code here. You can use the online resource as a guide, but try to write your own code from scratch. Feel free to optimize it and share any insights or explanations along with your code.

To get us started, here's a template in Python:

pythonCopy code

def longest_increasing_subsequence(nums):

  # Your code here

# Example usage:

nums = [10, 22, 9, 33, 21, 50, 41, 60, 80]

result = longest_increasing_subsequence(nums)

print("Longest Increasing Subsequence:", result)

Remember to test your code with different input arrays and share your findings. Let's learn from each other and improve our algorithmic skills together! Thanks.

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