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Web Development Data Processing: Merging and Displaying Lists in Python

In a web development project, I'm dealing with two lists of data that need to be merged and displayed on a webpage. One list contains user comments, and the other list contains system-generated messages. I need to merge these two lists while preserving the order of messages and displaying them on the webpage.

Here's a simplified example of the data:

[code]user_comments = [

  {'user': 'Alice', 'message': 'Hello!'},

  {'user': 'Bob', 'message': 'Hi there!'},


system_messages = [

  {'message': 'System message 1'},

  {'message': 'System message 2'},



I want to merge these two lists to create a single list that combines user comments and system messages in the correct order for display on the webpage. What considerations should I make when combining and presenting these lists on a webpage as part of a web development project, and how can I accomplish this in Python? I attempted to locate the answer by visiting different websites, but I was unable. Could you give an example of code and describe how to format the combined data? Thank you for your guidance!

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