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Is it better to use rb.AddForce or change the velocity of the object while jumping??😕

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  • MrSlugMrSlug Member
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @TheGoldenEgg007,

    If you're using a rigidbody controller, I'd suggest using rb.AddForce with Impulse mode.



  • SanderSander Member
    Accepted Answer

    I'd definitely go with velocity, as you have a lot more control in using it.

  • MrSlugMrSlug Member
    edited May 2020 Accepted Answer


    I'd disagree that changing velocity directly gives more control, in terms of actual functionality, AddForce and changing the rigidbody velocity are almost the same, just with different scales for immediate velocity change.

    AddForce has the benefit of Force and Impulse for different kinds of velocity incrementation. I'd only recommend velocity if moving something at a constant rate i.e. a bullet.

    One problem that may arise from using velocity is that a rigidbody's velocity is based on world space coordinates, meaning if a player was upside down, "Up" would actually move them down.

    Though, I'd always pick a Character Controller over rigidbody when it comes to having control over physics, I've always found I end up fighting with Rigidbodies. Maybe I've just been using them wrong :P


  • edited May 2020

    Got it!! Thanks!😊

  • SanderSander Member
    edited May 2020

    @MrSlug ,

    It might just be personal preference, but I've always struggled with getting good results using AddForce, whereas I have never had any issues with velocity. But I guess it comes down to how you want it to feel.

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