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Problems with the forum

I have a couple problems with the forum:

  • Desktop - I cannot tag people, the dropdown is empty (the list with the users is there, but it doesn't get displayed
  • Mobile - I cannot edit my profile pic, the submenu links are not visible anywhere


  • TheDutchMagikarpTheDutchMagikarp Administrator

    Please head over to this link (

    And create an issue with your problems there. Before you do this, please check if there are no current issues that also suggest the same thing.


  • Roby65Roby65 Member

    Thanks, I will do that for sure! I probably missed this link somewhere, otherwise I would have already did that!

  • TheDutchMagikarpTheDutchMagikarp Administrator

    This is the place we announced the link:

    If you were to look for a place to provide feedback (other than creating a post), where would you do it? Maybe there is a way for us to make this more known and easier for people to find!

  • Roby65Roby65 Member

    At first, I looked at the main sections, then on the top links, and then I decided to post in this section. I didn't have the idea to look at the Announcements, because I was expecting to have on the forum a section for problems reporting.

    I think the link to the GH issues should be visible in every page but not big as the top links. Maybe a "Report a problem" near the "New thread" button (near bookmark/options), or the GH logo near the search input.

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