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Which software should i use to create song for my game

PixelCgPixelCg Member

other than bosca ceoil : )

Best Answers

  • UnityUnity Member
    Accepted Answer

    Audacity is a good free audio editing software, but if you have money to spend you could get FL Studio, it is quite pricey though

  • MrBaileyQMrBaileyQ Member
    Accepted Answer

    Maybe You Could Try FL Studio Trial; If Not There Are Some Other Software: Alberton Live Free Trial, LLMS Studio Or If Your Out Of Choices You Could Try Bosca Ceoil!!



  • Well, Bosca Ceoil!

  • PixelCgPixelCg Member

    😒other than bosca ceoil

  • LehipLehip Member

    What are your needs?

    be specific (One of the rules of this forum)

  • PixelCgPixelCg Member

    I want to create a song for a puzzle game and it should be more versatile and easy to use like unity’s particle sytem (better if it’s free)

  • PixelCgPixelCg Member

    Thanks man


  • Thats a great meme

  • "You can do everything with Unity's Particle System" - Dani

    Ok but now a bit more serious:

    Audacity should be fine. It's good for making making music and also recording and modifying music.

    But hey, why don't you want to use Bosca Ceoil? It's a great software for making music and it is beginner friendly.

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