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Unity remote 5

Well i am making a mobile game and i need some help with unity remote 5 because when i connect my android device and didnt do anything when started i changed in the editor to any android device but nothing happend and i think idont have the android software plz can someone posta link to it and help me setup my android device work with unity


  • I don't have a link but what I did to fix that problem was to go to edit/preferences/external tools go down to android and uncheck android SDK tools installed with unity and browse to the location it was at already. (Which I thought was weird but it still worked.) Then save your project and restart unity. Also, make sure you have the Android SDK & NDK Tools and OpenJDK in the android build support or it won't work. You can get them by opening Unity Hub then go to installs click the three dots then add modules then the arrow next to android build support. They should be there.

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