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Math, Physics for Game Dev

Math and Physic are very important for games. When I see this video: . I feel I am so stupid at math and physic.

Can anyone recommend for me some best books about Math and Physic for Game?

I want to know about quaternion, vector, kinematic equations, ...

Thanks all!


  • takitotakito Member

    The learning curve for physics depends on how well verse you are with algebra, if you understand how to manipulate equations then the rest is pretty much learning the equations but from my perspective I feel that if you just keep on watching tutorials on the subjects that you need to accomplish the game you want to create should be enough to learn. Find tutorials on basic games from start to finish and maybe take some courses like Udemy on basic Newtonian physics, buy your self a book on this subject as well and keep practicing by making simple applications that enable you to use what you are trying to learn.

    Don't just jump on the game making part, and if you do build it by breaking it into parts that are manageable.

    good luck friend.

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