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Hello Game Devs! 😄 

LiamSortaLiamSorta Member
edited May 2020 in Say Hello!

Hello all!

I'm Liam Sorta, I'm a huge advocate for improving developer experience, be that through events, talks, or mentorship. I also do some dev on the side, though nothing to shout about just yet. For the past few years I've been running a gamedev community called GDN (I'll keep it as an acronym as to not promote stuff here!) alongside a fantastic mod team, it's also been a great chance for us to learn how to help people level up their dev skills 😄

Some things I do / can answer questions on:

- Running physical + virtual events

- Starting / selling a company

- Community management

- Giving talks/presentations

- Absolutely destroying Expert+ songs on beat saber

I'm also on Twitter :) my DMs are open if you have any questions:

(also if you saw any AR videos on the Unity channel, it was probably one of mine 👀 )

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