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Shadows Being Cut-off

Hello. In unity I have a scene that is using URP and I imported some trees of my own to create an environment. Shadows are getting cut-off at certain angles and I tried for hours to fix this. Does anyone know the fix?


  • Also I tried to configure the render-pipeline settings that are related to shadows, as well as the trees and the ground.

  • ABOABO Member

    You mean the right tree?

  • Yes but not just the right tree all the trees in the scene are affected by this at certain angles.

  • ABOABO Member

    It looks like your terrain's not flat. Could it be the bumps?

  • No, I tried it without them before-hand

  • ZicrusZicrus Member

    Which kind of light are you using? I just googled the issue, and someone said, it was because of the shadow bias settings of your light. I'm not sure what that does, but maybe try changing it and see if it helps.

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