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Blender 2.8 sculting tutorials


I'll use the new forum to get to something that's been bothering me for the last few days. When it comes to sculpting in Blender 2.8, there appear to be only two types of videos on Youtube: ones that just teach the absolute basics such as the different brushes and ones that show you a highly sped up sculpting process that's almost impossible to follow. Channels that do this include Grant Abbitt and Flipped Normals. While both channels are generally really good, I'd love to see videos that teach you sculpting step by step on a model that could realistically be used in a game like what Grant Abbitt does for regular modelling. There seem to be some good tutorials for ZBrush and old Blender but translating those to the current Blender brushes seems like something I'd better wait with until I'm a little more familiar with the whole process.

Does anyone here know anything that fits my needs?


  • zachzach Member

    Zach Reinhardt has some pretty cool looking courses over at It looks like he has a lot of tutorials that are from beginner to advanced and some of them are in blender 2.8. I think some of them cost money but it looks like you will be able to create some pretty sweet looking stuff after going through them so it might be worth it. (Just so you know I’m not him we just have the same name)

  • zachzach Member

    I think this is the one I was thinking of:

    It looks like the blender 2.8 update is on the way but it looks pretty sweet. Maybe stay on the lookout for when that comes out.

  • DFYXDFYX Member

    Cool, I might buy that when the 2.8 update is out.

  • Have you tried DAZ studio ?

  • DFYXDFYX Member

    I haven't and I'm not quite sure how it relates to my question.

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