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How to UV unwrap a round cube in blender?

This is a round cube. And I want to UV unwrap it with minimum amount of seams and stretching. In the above pic I have UV unwrapped it using cube projection which is by far the best I can get.

Please suggest me any better way of UV unwrapping this round cube.

Best Answer

  • QuintusQuintus Member
    edited May 2020 Accepted Answer

    Hi, I am not a blender user so cannot give you the technical how-to but when it comes to round objects I always use a "tennis ball" approach. This gives the least amount of stretching and makes the seam management

    easy..for me at least

    In 3ds max I would create my stitch lines like that and then unfold/stretch it


  • Thanks Quintus. I followed your technique and experienced zero stretching

  • QuintusQuintus Member

    Glad it worked, that usually works well for any round-ish shape like rocks as well

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