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Weapon Pick Up w/ UI

SneakzyzSneakzyz Member
edited May 23 in Programming

Hello, I'm Sneakzyz.

I was wondering if any of you have a video or a script/s on how to setup a spawner for weapons. I also want to be able to highlight the weapon while my player looks at it and show in there hud an F, for pick up. I have already found a video to drop items but I'm really struggling with this.

Thanks for reading and hopefully helping!


  • I also want to know that.

  • It has took 3 weeks but still don't work.

  • well, depending on your current systems and approaches in place, I would recommend

    • the weapon "laying on the ground with e.g. a collider around it
    • when the player enters that collider, the HUD shows up above the weapon
    • when in the collider and player presses "f", weapon laying on the ground should be destroyed (depending on the scope of the game maybe just deactivated and later when "dropped" just changed position and then turned on) and a "real" weapon with shooting mechanics should be assigned to the player
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