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Can I have multiplayer code/tutorial???


  • Brackets have did a tutorial on Multiplayer in YouTube. You should go check it out for help.

  • WarpWarp Member

    Unity is in the process of changing their multiplayer framework right now, and moving away from UNET.

    You can read the details of that here

    Multiplayer is one of those things that isn't really universal, and especially considering that Unity doesnt have a lot of framework that is ready to go right now, it might be best to learn some TCP networking methods yourself, and implementing them. If you dont want to do that, the new networking system will be out in the near future.

    @Jatinstic_Gaming Is right, but the FPS multiplayer tutorial (the one I assume he is talking about) uses UNET, which is being deprecated and phased out, so using that is not future proof, even though it will work.

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