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New Game Dev Challenge

CodeMystCodeMyst Administrator

Hey everyone

We're excited to announce Game Dev Challenges! Some gurus from the Discord server have managed to put together a quick game development challenge that anyone willing is welcome to join. For the very first one, we've decided the challenge is... Recreate the Super Mario pipes! Here's a quick breakdown of some steps involved:

  • Switch scenes when player interacts with a pipe
  • Spawn player in from of the proper exit pipe
  • Add animation for entering and exiting the pipe
  • Add fade out and expanding circle when switching scene like in new Mario Maker 2
  • Bonus: Add coin collecting with counter persisting through scenes
  • Bonus 2: Only spawn coins if they haven't already been collected
  • Artistic Bonus: Make it prettier; add animations, moving clouds and so on

We've created a quick project to get you started that includes two scenes, as well as a character controller ( The project was made in Unity 2019.3.13f - opening the project in any other version may break stuff (though anything 2019.3 should be fine)! Credit to Kenney ( for the great assets!

You are of course not required to use the provided project. Should you wanna jump straight into coding pipe transitions, feel free to use it though! We can't promise everything you might want to do is possible with the demo project, but we expect it to be.

This challenge is purely for fun - we wont be judging the submissions or declaring winners. We just think it would be fun to all work on creating the same product. There's potential to learn from others, get inspired by the different approaches people take to solve the same problem, and getting feedback on your implementation.

We hope to see you guys in #dev_challenges on our Discord server. We'll try to be there to help out if you get stuck, and hopefully you can help each other along the way as well.

Here's an example video of the finished project:

And the Unity starting point project:

And the link to our Discord server:

Happy deving!


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