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How do I fix the performance of the game on my iPhone?

Hello! I followed brackeys tutorial on how to make a video game with the cube dodging the other blocks and stuff and I wanted to expand it so I could sort of make it like a game of my own with me changing lots of stuff. I made a mobile version for phones and I went to test it on a Pixel 2 phone and it worked perfectly with it being very smooth. But then when I put it on my iPhone XR (saying specific phone just in case it matters) and the performance wasn't really good. I don't know how to make it perform smoothly on phone so I came here to ask for help.


  • ghostghost Member

    Hey! I don't know about your game, but I have noticed that reducing the level of detail and reducing the rendering of certain objects, increases performance on mobile devices. And when your testing your game, remember to shut applications that your not using and clear the cache (if your on android). But yes; I have noticed that unity games dont work smoothly on iphones, so I think it's just an iphone thing. Good Luck!

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