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Canvas crisp pixel if zoomed in?

Hello guys! Im so proud to be a part of this new forum and i really hope, that my first question is in the right place! So.. i have a big problem which i don't find a answer for in the internet. I searched everything, but nothing worked for me (actually, nobody wanted what i wanted).

So, this is my problem:

As you can see, the canvas is really really blurry, but i need it pixely, so it looks like the image on the right, which i imported in photoshop. I tried every mode in the editor, but absoluty nothing makes my canvas look pixely. In the actual game, i don't have the blurryness of the canvas, what exactly is going on here? Did i miss something? (i just took any sprite to show you my problem)


  • What pixel per unit did you set it too? Don't know if it could be what's wrong but maybe :)

  • PixelCgPixelCg Member
    edited May 2020

    Set the sprite's filter to point(no-filter) instead of billinear.

    in sprite settings

    I hope it helps you and you make a good game in fututre👍️

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