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Who wants to see a remake of some of the old tutorials? Post your answers here!

Comment which tutorial you would like to see being remade!!


  • I'd love to see a "remake" of the FPS tutorial series, once the new build-in NET packages are available.

  • danieldaniel Member

    same as joachim747

  • I also agree with joachim747

  • Yasssss!!!

  • edited May 2020

    @joachim747 Same here

  • I would like to see an android game pls

  • AriXAriX Member

    Yes fps tutorials would be cool

  • I want to become a level designer and i LOVE nature landscapes, forest and stuff like that, i would love to see a full tutorial on how to export from blender or any other 3D software trees, bushes, grass, rocks, etc. to make my own assets... I don't want to buy an asset pack, not cause a can't but cause i want to be able to do the things i need before going into some other people job... Thanks!

  • ccbelanccbelan Member

    FPS tutorial using the new input system please

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