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Error with Trail and Line Renderer

Has anyone else had an error when using Trail Renderer or Line Renderer? When I enable one of these components in the editor, this error appears:

Assertion failed on expression: 'task.rasterData.vertexBuffer == NULL' UnityEngine.GUIUtility: ProcessEvent (Int32, IntPtr)

It did not happen in 2018.3 but is happening now in 2019.3.0.


  • SanderSander Member

    I would just try to update your Unity to the newest release, but I can't promise it will work :P

  • BayszBaysz Member

    project settings -> player -> other settings -> auto graphics api for windows off -> + direct3D12 (experimental)). not sure but it may fix this

  • StaderStader Member

    Thanks Baysz!

    The error stopped showing, can you tell me if there is any harm in using this option? Something like the game doesn't work on directx 11?

  • BayszBaysz Member

    Honestly , I have no idea , I searched the error a bit then found this solution and shared with you . You better search more about it. If I find a better solution or answer what you asked me I will also share it

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