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Player moves faster in two directions?

I followed Brackey's FPS player tutorial, and the player moves faster if I move both forward and right. Any way to fix this?


  • you should use Time.deltaTime in coding if you use transform or Rigidbody

  • I'm using a character controller. I followed Brackey's tutorial for FPS movement.

  • i know , do you any script you add it with character controller?

  • EJNEJN Member

    You probably need to normalize the movement vector3. This will scale the vector so the magnitude results in 1. After that you can multiply the vector by a speed.

  • @EJN Yeah I did that, it just made the player keep moving for longer once the button is unpressed. Using GetAxisRaw with this fixes that, but means the player stops on a dime, which is a bit awkward to see.

  • EJNEJN Member

    Thats weird.

    Can you show me the code?

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