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Online multiplayer game

Hi Guys!

I'm working in a beat em up engine/game inside Unity.

The code is almost done, but I want to include net play.

Which is the best method to do that today?

TCP? Dots? Photon?



  • Photon works great if you dont wish to run your own dedicated server. They provide 20 CCUs free and its inexpensive to upgrade to more.

    If you want to run your own server, I'd reccomend Mirror (free). It has very similar syntax to UNet, so it wont be difficult to set up.

    And of course, you can always make your own networking solution using c#. There are plenty of tutorials for every networking tool on youtube.

    I wouldnt recommend dots as there is very limited documentation and support as of right now.

    Hope this helps 😃

  • Unet

  • I thinks Unet is deprecated. I as I see no know Unity network system read yeat.

    There as a lot of people talking about mirrror.

    It's very strange Unity don't have a real network solution.

  • WarpWarp Member

    Yeah UNET should not be used, its already in the process of being closed, and using it is a great way to make sure your game is not future proof.

    First of all, the game looks super fun, exceptional job on the visuals. As for networking, @dbgamerstarz is right on. Unless you want to wait for the new networking system, the methods suggested by @dbgamerstarz are great options that should allow you to achieve what you need.

    I recommend you look up some general C# networking tutorials, to get an idea for how data is transferred and how networking is accomplished as it will put you in good standing for networking in general.

    Best of luck! The game looks fun!

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