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Will there be a Collaboration category on the forum?

Like i said, Will there be a Collaboration category on the forum?


  • ShadowShadow Member

    There really should be. You tryna collab?

  • LehipLehip Member

    Yeah, i am 😄

  • I would love to see that

  • ghostghost Member

    I'm pretty sure you can just send requests in the off topic category. But, a collab category sounds cool.

  • LehipLehip Member

    By the way,

    After i posted this, i saw that there was a collaboration category on the old forum.

  • TheDutchMagikarpTheDutchMagikarp Administrator

    Please head over to this link (

    And create an issue with your suggestion there. Before you do this, please check if there are no current issues that also suggest the same thing.


  • ShadowShadow Member

    Nice! Same!

    I'm getting ready for a Game Jam for July (GMTK 2020) and was looking for a couple people who were interested in knocking it out the park.

    What are you trying to collab on?

    I just started doing a bit of programming. But, I am mostly a designer. Wbu?

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