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How do I make new levels without errors?

This is a programming issue I've had. And I've just started game development for a side lesson, with my first game being Cubethon. So I'm using Unity 2019.3.13f1, and I'm good making my programming, but what I am having trouble at is duplicating scenes. I cannot seem to duplicate scenes, and when I set my prefabs to a new scene for a level 2, it stops working properly, such that when I complete the level 2, the complete level UI stops refering and all I get is "Assign a reference to completeLevelUI".

So how do I duplicate levels to ensure everything works properly without errors?

P.s. I am really enthusiastic with game development and I'll keep asking if its all it takes to get my solution (I am known to be quite a handful. XP)


  • In case people are wondering, I'm referring to the mini-series "How To Make A Video Game" specifically the final episode

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