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Need Assets and guidance for WebGL and Multiplayer


Could you please share game assets and materials for me to use in my practice games so that I can learn and practice more and hopefully find a good job? For now, I can't afford it due to the high conversion rates in my country's currency into dollars. (for example, Obi Rope, Guns, Multiplayer Assets (WebSocket, etc), Bad Word Assets, and many more that can help me to become a good game developer through the practice of these things).

And if someone has materials for the WebGL build then please share with me.

And please guide me about the best multiplayer socket in unity, server-side guidance (best plugins (such as WebSocket, etc), hosting, and so on).

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience and for the bad English, and thank you so much for your precious time and kindness. And if it is easily possible for you.

Thank you.

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