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Pc Specs

NoxNox Member

Hey guys I am just getting into game dev and I am wondering what are some ok pc specs to be able to run unity (2d for the time being). Not that much of a pc specs guy always loved playstation for my games so I am once again asking for your incredible game dev support


  • SanderSander Member

    What do you have at the moment? Game dev is really not that hardware dependent, if you want to, you can make games on very old computers!

  • ghostghost Member

    Don't be dependent on hardware. Like Sander said; it really doesn't matter.

  • UrjkueUrjkue Member

    Bro if i may all pc i think .

    cuz my pc is a potato pc it can at least run assassins creed 1 . I make 3D gamea so i think you can and whats ur pc spec i know pc hardware so i can help if you need to upgrade

  • You can actually use any PC. You have longer loading times with not so good PC ;)

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