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How to make a 2D sprite always at a certain angle?

Hello, hope you're well. For some context, I have a function where when the player presses the right mouse button, a circle comes out. The circle has a countdown on it, so there is a number right above the circle. But, the circle always comes out at whatever way the player is facing, so sometimes the countdown is sideways or upside down.

How do I make it so the countdown is always upright and no sideways?

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  • topotopo Member
    Accepted Answer

    Just set its rotation to be equal to



  • MuradoMurado Member

    You could use an Ui element to show the countdown.

  • @Murado I can't attach a UI element to a circle, because if the player moves, the circle will go out of sight but the text will be there. Thanks for the response though!

  • Could you possibly use the script you use to instantiate the circle to also set it's rotation to 0?

  • everfightgameeverfightgame Member
    edited May 2020

    @topo thanks so much, it worked!!

  • topotopo Member


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