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Pokemon Fan Makes Rowlet Art Based On Real Life Owls

A Pokemon fan has shared an interesting piece of artwork showing Rowlet in various expressions based on photographs of real owls. The Pokemon franchise is among the most famous ever after the massive success of numerous television series, movies, and computer games. Numerous computer game titles have been released; the most ongoing was Pokemon Legends: Arceus which takes players to the distant past. Unsurprisingly, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is among the best-selling games of 2022, according to the information released by the NPD bunch.

While the gaming scene prepares for the send off of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which is only a couple of months away, some fans are giving their hands a shot previous titles like Pokemon Sun and Moon, which presented new Pokemon like Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio. Each of the three instantly became famous, however Rowlet remains one of the most cherished pocket monsters and showed up in the latest game, Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Normally, numerous Pokemon fans devote one of a kind artworks like paintings, drawings, and sculptures to Rowlet. Similarly, another Pokemon aficionado has made impressive Rowlet fan art.

Reddit user kerbula transferred a picture on the social media stage that shows their new Pokemon fan art. The user has picked seven photographs of real-life owls in unusual, hilarious positions and has attracted Rowlet a similar pose. The first photo shows a human holding an owl with a certain goal in mind to uncover its tall legs, and the attracting close to it shows Rowlet similarly. The accompanying two images are of an owl with huge eyes and a winking owl, while Rowlet is seen with similar expressions. The fourth photograph shows an owl in a jumping pose alongside Rowlet, who is also doing likewise.

The fifth picture is ostensibly the most interesting as it shows an irate owl which the user has recreated splendidly to show Rowlet with a stern expression. The last two pictures follow the same example, with the last Rowlet art copying the sleepy owl in the corresponding photograph. Pokemon fans on Reddit respected the post, as seen by more than 3,000 upvotes, with most praises coming for the furious Rowlet. Some individuals also enjoyed the sleepy Rowlet and winking Rowlet.

For those who don't be aware, Rowlet is a seventh-generation grass/Flying sort Pokemon based on owls and considered one of the most cute pocket monsters by fans. Despite having a minuscule and stout body, Rowlet is profoundly powerful in battle as it has superb night vision, dangerous close battle, and went attacks.

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