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Faces missing from Blender to Unity

Hello, I need some help. Every time I try to import the battle arena in Unity there are faces missing even thought in blender all the Normal face the right direction... can anyone help??


  • You said you've checked the normals? Have you looked at it with backface culling active?

  • No, I didn't try it but i've found the Problem. Thanks for your help doe!

  • WarpWarp Administrator

    Because OP did not elaborate:

    In Blender you can do these things to help with this issue:

    1. Recalculate normals
    2. Flip normals (on the problem faces)
    3. Check materials.

    In Unity you can disable backface culling, but this is a bad idea because it can hurt performance tremendously.

  • Ok Thanks for your tips!

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