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How Traveler can write for us or submit a guest post on their travel experiences

We are interested in hearing from you if you have traversed dangerous landscapes, dove deep into oceans, and are able to spin compelling tales about your adventures. We are seeking for travellers who have discovered a passion for writing; our site features original recommendations that are free of any instances of plagiarism and mix the enthusiasm and creativity of a youngster with the tenacity of a journalist and a commitment to accuracy in factual presentation.

write for us travel, our team of writers is constantly on the lookout for fresh perspectives to add to the mix. Our purpose is to equip our readers with the knowledge they require to make well-informed decisions on their travel itineraries since we are of the opinion that travel should be available to all.

Writings that would make us want to stroll down that cobblestone path, visit that market, or desire to taste that meal; or writings that would make us want to experience the same inspiration that inspired you to explore the lesser-known.

Take some time to read through some of the Featured Guides and Articles that have been posted on our website before sending in your submission. This will acquaint you with our style of writing, as well as the manner in which we feature our destinations, along with in-depth details on things to do, eating out possibilities, nightlife, and hotels (ranging from the luxurious to the pocket friendly, to name a few), to name just a few.

Instructions on How to Write for Us Travel

• An article typically has between 1000 and 1200 words and can be written about a variety of travel-related themes, such as "Tips for first-time visitors to Bangkok" or "Trekking tips for beginners."

• Each Featured Guide includes a set number (preferably between 10 and 15) of Points of Interests (POIs) that are that can be thoroughly written on, such as 'Top 10 places to visit in Beijing with family.' These POIs are a listing of the author's suggestions for the particular destination, and they are a combination of factual information and writing based on the author's personal experiences.

• The average length of a Featured Guide (ten POIs) is about 2500 words (Introduction to the guide – 175-200 words; each POI - 225-250 words)

• In order to be considered for inclusion in the guide, all writers are asked to provide high-resolution photographs that are orientated landscape-style (horizontally). The writers of the images that they submit will receive proper credit for those photos. Happytrips does not retain any copyright for these photos, which means that the authors are free to upload these photos wherever else they like, whenever they like.

• Before being chosen for the Happytrips website, every piece of content that users send in will be reviewed by our editor, who will assess it for both its overall quality and its adherence to the facts. If necessary, the content will also be changed.

IMPORTANT: If you could share the URL to your blog or any other links that have your byline on them, we would greatly appreciate it.

Although we value the work of amateur writers, we are particularly interested in hearing from travellers who have a body of published writing or travel bloggers who have a sizable following on social media.

All contributions and questions can be directed to the Editor at the following email address: info at mysterioustrip dot com.

Please use the phrase "Submit a tale" in the subject line of the email you send.

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