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Tower Defense tutorial Offset

Hi all I was watching ep 10 of the Tower Defense tutorial and I started up my game and placed a gun turret that's when I realized it was pretty high above the node and then I tried my missile turret and that was also above the node but not a lot so like Brackeys did in the building ep I adjusted the offset but there was nothing for both the gun turret and the missile turret they were still above the node so I reimported the modules to see if it that would work but It did not and there now in the node and offset will not fix it I even tired 100 offset on all axis but nothing they stayed in the same place as before just recently I tried Brackeys turret but now that sits above the node even after trying to adjust the offset for it both the gun turret and missile turret are my own models and were not orientated right when exporting from blender but i made sure the Empty Game Objects were facing the right way(PartToRotate, Muzzle Flash, Fire point And the empty game object I store these all in) the script should be right but I don't know what it could be. please help

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