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Pokémon GO Has Seemingly Removed Community Day Ultra Boxes

Niantic, the engineer behind well known versatile game Pokémon GO, has quietly removed bonus Ultra Ball boxes from Community Day rewards. Although Pokémon GO's crowd and cultural impact has ostensibly shrunk since the game's send off in July 2016, it has still partaken in a great amount of success. Nonetheless, despite Pokémon GO's record-breaking income, some players are taking issue with Niantic's communication regarding some aspects of the game.

Community Day is a reoccurring, monthly event in Pokémon GO. Introduced in 2018, Community Day celebrates the community of Pokémon GO with a special Pokémon, which will know a move exclusive to that event. Additionally, the events can include other bonuses, such as increased XP, Stardust, or faster egg hatching. Among the game's numerous events, such as Strike Battles and Spotlight Hours, Community Days are a consistent source of rewards for Pokémon GO's player base.

Recently, nonetheless, players have noticed something missing from the Community Day rewards. As reported by TheGamer, free boxes containing 30 Ultra Balls, which had been included in Community Day rewards, have seemingly been removed with no announcement or notification. Scarcely the first time Pokémon GO fans have complained about controversial changes made by Niantic, the expulsion has sparked further discussion about the engineer's apparent lackluster communication, as well as growing community discontent with Niantic's decisions regarding the game. Particularly, in The Silph Street, a subreddit dedicated to Pokémon GO, a post by user SparklinStar1440 has community members noting a "terrible relationship" with "unfortunate communication" between Niantic and Pokémon GO players.

The evacuation of Ultra Ball boxes isn't the first time Niantic has rolled out undocumented improvements to the game. Community members have also noted the recent unannounced evacuation of week after week one coin boxes, although the boxes had been declared as a bonus in the last season, and as such were not guaranteed to be extended to the next. With previous changes to Pokémon GO having caused player backlash, some users speculate that the unannounced removals are an attempt to keep away from criticism with respect to Niantic.

Regardless of whether the absence of announcement is intentional or an unfortunate oversight, there does seem to be a general disconnect between Pokémon GO's community and the engineer. Although Pokémon GO has certainly delighted in high profits throughout the long term, it has also earned no small amount of criticism, and the game has suffered a sizable drop in the size of its player base since the time of its release. In the event that Niantic would like for Pokémon GO to stay successful and engaging for its players, it would perhaps well to work on its communication with its community.

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