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Sonic Frontiers Leak Hints At Knuckles, Minigames, And New Boss Battle

New details about Sonic Frontiers suggest where Knuckles the Echidna can be found, in addition to a new minigame and boss players will run over in the newly-uncovered Ares Island. Sonic Frontiers sees Sega's hedgehog embarking on a new period, with early trailers showing Sonic running across an open-world landscape in contrast to the more linear obstacle courses of past Sonic The Hedgehog games. The Blue Haze will meet several new faces while traversing Starfall Islands, such as the lovable stone like Kocos and a mysterious kid who warns Sonic to leave her home.

Sonic will also encounter plenty of natural faces in his latest adventure, as Sonic Frontiers discourse writer Ian Flynn notes that the sinister Doctor Eggman will return to cause trouble for everyone's favorite hedgehog. Sonic's longtime old flame Amy Rose was recently affirmed to show up after months of speculation during the Sonic Frontiers Gamescom 2022 trailer last month, with Sonic seemingly rescuing her from some sort of 3D image prison. Indeed, even Large the Cat, who hasn't been seen in a mainline Sonic game for more than 10 years, is coming back in Sonic Frontiers to help Sonic complete a fishing minigame. Presently, new information reveals that a certain red-toned gatekeeper of the Master Emerald of Holy messenger Island will also show up - though it seems like he might also require some assistance from his previous opponent turned-companion.

A recent post from Portuguese gaming website The Foe (translated by Game Rant) shares some new details about Sonic Frontiers' second open-world environment: the desert-like Ares Island. This sand-shrouded landscape features ancient ruins and an oasis, and Knuckles is reportedly searching for his and Sonic's friends after they are separated at the beginning of Sonic Frontiers' comic book-inspired story. Notwithstanding, it seems that Knuckles finds himself imprisoned just like Amy, and must be liberated once Sonic finds a certain number of Memory Tokens that are concealed throughout the island. According to these reports, an animated Sonic Frontiers tie-in short will give further insight into how Knuckles wound up on the Starfall Islands.

Freeing Knuckles might be easier said than done in Sonic Frontiers, as The Foe's post also mentions a boss encounter that takes place during the search for Knuckles' Memory Tokens. This boss is described as being shaped like a shark, with a tail that Sonic needs to take hold of using a speedy time event. Sonic's many new combat options in Sonic Frontiers will give a variety of ways to the Blue Haze to harm this new enemy, which rewards players with a portal token upon its defeat. Lastly, Sonic Frontiers will reportedly feature a new minigame called Starfall, which can be played at random times during the game. Sonic has to collect certain meteor fragments before they can change tone, which contributes to a slot machine-like specialist toward the edge of the screen. There is still no word on what the compensation for completing this mini-game will be, but enemies and collected items will supposedly be restored across the game world.

Knuckles the Echidna has been a customary individual from Sonic's supporting cast since his debut Sega's classic 1994 game, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, so his presence in Sonic Frontiers might not be that surprising. Nonetheless, it looks like players might have to do some token hunting and take down a massive boss before they are appropriately reunited with the hot-tempered legend.

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