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PC Version of Valheim is Coming to Game Pass Later This Month

Xbox Game Pass has shared news regarding when PC subscribers will have the option to download and play Valheim. Xbox Game Pass subscribers have been hit with a wave of new game announcements throughout the last week. First came the wave of monthly Xbox Game Pass confirmations for September, then four Skybound Games offerings, and most as of late a lot of announcements from the Tokyo Game Show. Snuck into those announcements was confirmation of Valheim's hotly anticipated Xbox Game Pass PC release.

Valheim was announced for Xbox Game Pass as far back as mid-June, with developer Iron Gate confirming its co-op sandbox RPG would be available for subscribers both on PC and Xbox. The initial announcement didn't come with a release date past 2022, nonetheless, so Xbox Game Pass subscribers have been waiting patiently. The Xbox version of Valheim remains in development, however Iron Gate appears to be ready to push ahead with Valheim on Xbox Game Pass PC.

The official release date for Valheim on Xbox Game Pass PC is September 29. Subscribers will have the option to create their own Vikings and go savage hunting in under two weeks. Iron Gate has already confirmed that there will be parity and cross-play support between the Steam version of Valheim and the Microsoft Store version used for Xbox Game Pass. Cross-progression, nonetheless, was not confirmed, so save files from Xbox Game Pass will not be transferable to Steam later barring a late announcement from Iron Gate.

Cross-play has also been confirmed for the Xbox console version of Valheim when it eventually arrives. The Xbox launch of Valheim is tentatively planned for 2023 and when it launches players will have the option to immediately play with their friends on PC, whether via Steam or the Microsoft Store.

The announcement of Valheim's rapidly approaching release through Xbox Game Pass PC surprised various subscribers. Valheim wasn't normal until later this year, given Iron Gate's consequent work on the Xbox version of the game. Iron Gate is a small, however developing team of developers that's known to be taking its experience with updates. The September Xbox Game Pass PC release of Valheim may be a surprise, yet entirely it's a welcome one.

While Valheim's release on Xbox Game Pass PC will carry a wave of new players to the game, many current Valheim players have their eye on something else. Iron Gate continues to really buckle down on Valheim's next update, which will incorporate the exceptionally anticipated Mistlands biome. A release window has yet to be announced for the Mistlands, yet players are hopeful for a 2022 release.

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