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Indie Game Let's Build a Zoo Confirmed for Xbox Game Pass

Fans of animals and management simulation games are in for a pleasant surprise as Let's Build a Zoo has been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass. The inclusion of the zoo management title is just one of the games slated to come to the Xbox subscription service before long. Nevertheless, Let's Build a Zoo is an intriguing addition that many gamers should look at.

Let's Build a Zoo has been around briefly now. It first came to PC via Steam and the Awe-inspiring Games Store in November 2021. In any case, the Indie game created by Springloaded and published by No More Robots has been unavailable to those hoping to get it on different platforms over the course of the past year. Fortunately, that is about to change for those wanting to get in on the zoo-building action.

In a September 15 tweet from Mike Rose, the company overseer of No More Robots, it was revealed that Let's Build a Zoo was coming to Xbox Game Pass. According to the message from Rose, the game will be made available on the subscription service starting on September 29.

While this news regarding the game coming to Xbox Game Pass is enormous news for those wanting to play the title on Xbox consoles, it is by all accounts not the only platform the game is arriving on in the weeks ahead. In addition, the tweet from Mike Rose noticed that Let's Build a Zoo will open up on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 on September 29. This means that an abundance of new gamers will presently have access to the title in a couple of additional weeks.

As the name of the game suggests, Let's Build a Zoo is a management simulation game that lets players build and manage a zoo. Nonetheless, dissimilar to some other zoo-building games on the market, such as Planet Zoo from Boondocks Developments, it features an adorable pixel graphic art style that manages to function admirably. In addition, Let's Build a Zoo allows players to attempt DNA Splicing, meaning there are more than 500,000 wacky animal combinations possible, according to the publisher.

Quite significant Let's Build a Zoo is far from the main game coming to Xbox Game Pass before very long. In under seven days, Deathloop will be added to the service. In addition, some promising Indie titles are supposed to come to Xbox Game Pass not too far off, including Planet Lana and Ereban: Shadow Legacy. With titles like Let's Build a Zoo coming in the days ahead, there looks to be no shortage of games to look at on the subscription service.


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