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Hogwarts Legacy Quest is PlayStation Exclusive for at Least a Year

New information reveals that the PlayStation-exclusive quest for Hogwarts Legacy won't come to different platforms for at least a year. Hogwarts Legacy is booked to launch one year from now on February 10 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, yet it features a quest that is simply available to PlayStation clients for a set period.

This quest was originally announced at Gamescom 2022, and the engineer showed it in another trailer at the latest State of Play presentation. The quest is called The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop and it seems to be a ghastliness game. The State of Play trailer revealed that it accompanies an extra prison, access to an in-game Hogsmeade shop, and the Retailer's corrective set. This quest seems to be very substantial and intriguing, yet fans on different platforms should wait for at least a year to get it.

At the finish of the new Hogwarts Legacy trailer, it's revealed that The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quest will be exclusive to PlayStation clients until February 10, 2024. This date is set exactly one year after the game's original launch, so it proposes that PC and Xbox players should wait till up to that point before they can play the Hogsmeade quest. And, after its all said and done, the exact date for its release on different platforms is not determined, so it may take longer for the quest to open up.

Sony is known for having exclusive substance in large AAA games to perhaps captivate clients to purchase the PlayStation adaptation of the game. Only a couple of hours ago, Activision revealed exclusive Call of Obligation: Present day Warfare 2 substance for PS4 and PS5 clients. PlayStation clients will have access to the exclusive Oni Operator Pack in Current Warfare 2, and this deal also lasts for an entire year. Thus, fans on different platforms should wait until at least October 27 one year from now to get the Oni Operator. A similar occurrence occurred with the release of Marvel's Avengers as Insect Man was announced as an exclusive character for the PlayStation rendition of the game.

Aside from the selectiveness news, the energy around Hogwarts Legacy appears to be very high as the game turns out in only a couple of months. It's not by any means the only large title coming in early 2023 as February appears to be packed with energizing games. Joining Hogwarts Legacy are Predetermination 2: Lightfall, Dead Island 2, and Like a Dragon: Ishin! among others, however any of these games can be delayed from their set release date.

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