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Wouldn't it be a good idea to be able to upvote or downvote comments and stuff, just as sites like stackoverflow does it?

Or am I the only one that thinks that is a good idea?


  • jtok4jjtok4j Member


    It's a good idea, however this forum is going to be used a lot for simple communications and queries, which have their answer hopefully added by someone else browsing the forums here.

    Further than that, I think upvotes/downvotes are taking us to a place which is not meant for these forums at the moment. (e.g. Ranking/points/levels/etc)

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  • SanderSander Member


    You could be right! I guess it is a personal preference, but I think there was something similar on the old Brackeys forum :P

  • TheDutchMagikarpTheDutchMagikarp Administrator

    I assume this is a suggestion for the forum.

    Please head over to this link (

    And create an issue with your suggestion there. Before you do this, please check if there are no current issues that also suggest the same thing.


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