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Hey Game Dev Community :)

My name is Thomas (TomkhaDev on Youtube), I'm 22 years old, and I'm looking forward to contributing to this community and becoming more involved in the Unity/Game Dev scene.

About a year ago I started developing games with Unity and learning C# in my freetime, next to my full time "job" (IT-Apprenticeship), where I actually learned Java programming to get me started. I released my first game last summer on the Google Play Store called "Upon the Stars" which didn't really get that much attention, but it was a good learning experience and a cool way to get started in indie game dev. After that I worked on several projects, trying to improve my skills by watching Youtube Tutorials (f.e Brackeys who would've thought) and collaborated with redditors that were out to develop games in their free time together for fun.

After cancelling my last project, a 3d horror game centered around a "cursed computer", because it was way out of my scope and would've taken way too long to finish, I am focussing on a new Project called "Block Buster", which I hope I will eventually finish and release on Steam and the Google Play Store.

I would love to hear about your last projects and getting to know more people within this community and maybe even collaborating with some of you :)

Have a great day!

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