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Trail Renderer

I draw a line with my mouse and use trail renderer to visualize the line.However , when I draw a sharp turn , trail renderer seems intermittent. What should I do to avoid this issue ? Or should I use line renderer instead of trail renderer?


  • MintiMinti Member

    I remember using trail and line renderers for a game before in a way similar. I ended up using Line Renderer and keeping track of the points myself because it'd look a lot cleaner. Its a lot more work, but you'd be able to identify things like "a sharp turn" and such and make sure the points appear where they are supposed to.

  • BayszBaysz Member

    Yes you are right , We have been searching the ways we have to do but for now temporarily we reached a cleaner view by removing trail renderer ,adding to line renderer and chancing corner vertices from 0 to 90 and assure that plane and line renderer does not overlap each other . For long term as you said , we should identify like sharp turn and do some mathematical operations .

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