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hi i dont know why this isnt working

internal class Program


    private static void Main(string[] args)


        // this will be the start screen

        Console.Title = "Welcome To America";

        Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.DarkMagenta;

        Console.WriteLine("What is your name soldier?");

        string userName = Console.ReadLine();


        Console.WriteLine("Hmm, " + userName + ", that doesnt sound very American.");

        Console.WriteLine("What state do you come from?");


        Console.WriteLine("What is your age " + userName);

        int IDCARD = Convert.ToInt32 ( Console.ReadLine());



        int num = (IDCARD * 1234) - 69;


        Console.WriteLine("Your ID number is " + num );

        Console.WriteLine("Hmm I'll keep a close eye on you");






  • Do not use Console.ReadLine again once you have used it to declare the int or the string.

    Console.WriteLine("What is your name soldier?");

        string userName = Console.ReadLine(); //ReadLine is now setup

        Console.ReadLine(); // No need for another. ERASE THIS.

    Same with the integer value. Hope it will work. :)

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