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WertisWertis Member

Infobusiness - this type of business activity involves selling various information products online: knowledge, practical advice, statistical research, expert advice and more.

Infobusinesses use different ways of transferring knowledge to listeners.

Webinars are recorded. If the knowledge presented on a webinar, remain relevant and in demand after it, the businessman can sell the webinar broadcast recording and also earn on this.

A course with or without testing the knowledge gained. If an infobusinessman earns from training courses consisting of several classes, he can introduce a format of homework between classes, whereby until the student completes the homework, he is not allowed to the next class.

Group work and single lessons. Group work involves live lectures and supervision of homework by the teacher. That is, an expert recruits a group and teaches everyone together. In the singles format, the training course is sold to each client individually. Usually, they do it on their own: they watch the recording of lectures or training videos and do their homework (if provided).

Videos or text. The choice of format for presenting the information depends on the subject of knowledge on which the author earns money. If we are talking about such topics, as practical tutorials in 3D rendering or video editing, a video is much more convenient, because it is much faster and more efficient in explaining any points. If it is an expert study, a text format is preferable. For example, the customer has bought a subscription to an email newsletter with a weekly review of economic events in the world and for the paid period will receive the necessary information in his mail.

Offline business. You can make money in the information business not only online but also using a traditional (offline) format. For example, rent a hall, sell tickets to listeners and hold a training seminar or even a conference with multiple speakers. However, this way of doing business has many limitations, and in the case of introduction of another lockdown is not possible at all.

Hybrid format. Many different hybrid offerings can be put together from the above methods. Examples include: offline conferencing and selling a video of the event via a website, or webinars plus text-based newsletters. In addition, online universities often make money from the comprehensive programmes that can be created with these tools when several individual training courses are bundled into one large one at once.

A bona fide infobusiness is beneficial to both experts and learners. The former share their knowledge and get paid for it, and also pump up their personal brand through training. The latter can learn something new and therefore earn more money, cope with problems more easily, manage their business more effectively, and so on.


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